August 2013

Daosin - Generally recognized as safe

Sciotec announces that DAO (DiAminoOxidase) has been Self-determined as GRAS (Gernerally recognized as safe)  for use as a medical food in the US by AIBMR and an Expert Panel who is qualified by training and experience to evaluate the safety of ingredients to be added to foods for sale in the US.

February 2011

EAACI Venice

Sciotec Diagnostic Technologies sucessfully presented a scientific poster about our new product, Lactosolv®, at the “Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Meeting” of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in Venice, Februar 17th-19th, 2011..

January 2011

SCiOTEC goes Facebook

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October 2010

News about Food Intolerance

For years many Americans have had to worry about if eating some of their favorite foods would trigger anything from flushing and itching to some serious symptoms. This was thought to be the result of food allergies. Dr. Marcus Laux provides insight into recent research on how deficient enzymes in the body may cause food intolerance and how it can be naturally treated.

August 2010

Sciotec is partner of Allergy UK

Allergy UK is the country's leading medical charity dealing with allergy and we are here to help you.

Their dedicated helpline is manned by a team of fully trained allergy advisors.

We are pleased to be supporting Allergy UK, with our capabilities and know-how.